For 3 months the gathered armies of Midmark have sat camped and immobile on the river port in the capital of Hamna. A City’s population more than doubled by the presence of soldiers, nobles and the accompaniments of various baggage trains.

The destination; Ostersund, to reinforce a land beleaguered and besieged by the followers of Thrymm. The problem; a cold, icy wind that prevents sail.

Not all suffer from this unusually long sea-storm however. Commerce at the port booms, with the city’s ‘street-kings’ consequently rising in influence. Despite this, when nobles from all across Midmark bring their forces to the capital’s port ready to set sail, and yet don’t, trouble is inevitable: especially between the mercenaries and the oathsworn warriors. For the most part, these have remained small, but on occasion, have become disastrously political, particularly as the forces that each noble brought to the city were far from equal. Indeed, more than a few sent mere skeleton forces, for fear of an incoming war with Nordmark, as the trade conflict grows. Others, some whisper, seek to see the Queen humbled and weakened.

Priests of all the pantheon also descended upon the capital, for any force destined for war requires blessing. One priestess in particular earnt great renown for freeing the captives along hangman’s quay. Naturally, she is a chosen of Thunor.

Then, on the 86th day, a strange figure was seen riding into the city with a large and glamorous cortege, riding straight up to the Queen’s palace. The mighty gates were sealed shut, and not a hide nor hair was seen leaving it.

On the 89th day, the weather suddenly changed, and just as the mighty fleets were made ready and soldiers began to board ships, the Queen’s own guard rode into the port, announcing that the war was halted, without any explanation or further word.

It is into this confusion and shock we find our players, as fully 15000 armed men and women are told to stand down…


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